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Equipment Package: Transit Garage Maintenance

Description: This equipment package provides advanced maintenance functions for the transit property. It collects operational and maintenance data from transit vehicles, manages vehicle service histories, and monitors operators and vehicles. It collects vehicle mileage data and uses it to automatically generate preventative maintenance schedules for each vehicle by utilizing vehicle tracking data from a prerequisite vehicle tracking equipment package. In addition, it provides information to proper service personnel to support maintenance activities and records and verifies that maintenance work was performed. This equipment package receives special events and real-time incident data from the traffic management subsystem and assigns operators to vehicles and transit routes. Garage maintenance also receives information about incidents involving transit vehicles from the TMC in order to dispatch tow trucks and other repair vehicles.
Included In: NFTA/Metro Bus and Rail Operations Control Center
Niagara Falls Paratransit Service
Niagara Falls Transit Center
School District Transportation Dispatch
St. Catharines Transit Dispatch
Welland Transit Center
General Functional Requirements 1 - The center shall collect operational and maintenance data from transit vehicles.
2 - The center shall monitor the condition of a transit vehicle to analyze brake, drive train, sensors, fuel, steering, tire, processor, communications equipment, and transit vehicle mileage to identify mileage based maintenance, out-of-specification or imminent failure conditions.
3 - The center shall generate transit vehicle maintenance schedules, includes what and when the maintenance or repair is to be performed.
4 - The center shall generate transit vehicle availability listings, current and forecast, to support transit vehicle assignment planning based, in part, on the transit vehicle maintenance schedule.
5 - The center shall assign technicians to a transit vehicle maintenance schedule, based upon such factors as personnel eligibility, work assignments, preferences and seniority.
6 - The center shall verify that the transit vehicle maintenance activities were performed correctly, using the transit vehicle's status, the maintenance personnel's work assignment, and the transit maintenance schedules.
7 - The center shall generate a time-stamped maintenance log of all maintenance activities performed on a transit vehicle.
8 - The center shall provide the transit system operator with the capability to update transit vehicle maintenance information and receive reports on all transit vehicle operations data.

Last updated: 11-18-05