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ITS Element: Peace Bridge Field Equipment

Description: This represents the field equipment (surveillance cameras, variable message signs, portable DMSs, overflow ramps, etc...) that are operated on the Peace Bridge.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority
Mapping: Roadway Subsystem
Other Roadway
Security Monitoring Subsystem


Local EMS Vehicles
Local Fire Vehicles
Local Police Vehicles
NITTEC Traffic Operations Center

Market Packages:

ATMS01 - Network Surveillance
ATMS01 - Network Surveillance
ATMS04 - Freeway Control
ATMS04 - Freeway Control
ATMS06 - Traffic Information Dissemination
ATMS18 - Reversible Lane Management
EM02 - Emergency Routing
EM02 - Emergency Routing
EM02 - Emergency Routing
EM05 - Transportation Infrastructure Protection
Equipment Packages: Field Secure Area Sensor Monitoring
Field Secure Area Surveillance
Roadway Basic Surveillance
Roadway Freeway Control
Roadway Reversible Lanes
Roadway Signal Priority
Roadway Traffic Information Dissemination

Last updated: 11-18-05