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ITS Element: Niagara Falls Transit Center

Description: This transit center provides transit dispatch and garage functions for the transit system serving the City of Niagara Falls, Ontario.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: Niagara Transit
Mapping: Emergency Management
Transit Management
Other Emergency Management
Other Transit Management


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Local EOC Public Information Office
Local Police Dispatch
Local Public Information Office
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MTO Burlington TOC
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Niagara Falls Ontario Bus Terminal
Niagara Falls Transit Vehicles
Niagara Parks People Mover
NITTEC Traffic Operations Center
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St. Catharines Transit Center
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Western NY / Southern Ontario Incident and Mutual Aid Network

Market Packages:

AD2 - ITS Data Warehouse
APTS1 - Transit Vehicle Tracking
APTS2 - Transit Fixed-Route Operations
APTS5 - Transit Security
APTS6 - Transit Maintenance
APTS7 - Multi-modal Coordination
APTS7 - Multi-modal Coordination
APTS8 - Transit Traveler Information
ATIS1 - Broadcast Traveler Information
ATIS2 - Interactive Traveler Information
EM01 - Emergency Call-Taking and Dispatch
EM06 - Wide-Area Alert
EM07 - Early Warning System
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery
EM08 - Disaster Response and Recovery
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management
EM09 - Evacuation and Reentry Management
EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information
EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information
EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information
EM10 - Disaster Traveler Information
MC04 - Weather Information Processing and Distribution
Equipment Packages: Center Secure Area Alarm Support
Emergency Call-Taking
Emergency Early Warning System
Emergency Evacuation Support
Emergency Response Management
Transit Center Fixed-Route Operations
Transit Center Information Services
Transit Center Multi-Modal Coordination
Transit Center Security
Transit Center Tracking and Dispatch
Transit Data Collection
Transit Evacuation Support
Transit Garage Maintenance
Transit Garage Operations

Last updated: 11-18-05