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ITS Element: Route 5 Skyway Closing System

Description: The Skyway closing system along the elevated portion of NY 5 near Lake Erie through downtown Buffalo. Includes sensors that aide in protecting drivers from severe weather conditions. Due to low visibility and high winds, the raised portion of NY 5 adjacent to Lake Erie (the Skyway) is occasionally closed to traffic. When such poor driving conditions exist, the Skyway is closed by an electronic system of fixed message signs and flashers. The Buffalo Police Department determines when to close the Skyway and via modem and radio activates fixed message signs at both ends of the Skyway.
Status: Existing
Stakeholder: NYSDOT
Mapping: Roadway Subsystem
Other Roadway
Security Monitoring Subsystem


NITTEC Traffic Operations Center

Market Packages:

ATMS04 - Freeway Control
EM05 - Transportation Infrastructure Protection
Equipment Packages: Field Secure Area Sensor Monitoring
Field Secure Area Surveillance
Roadway Freeway Control

Last updated: 11-18-05