AMPA Regional ITS Architecture Update


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The Regional ITS Architecture provides a starting point for project definition. It provides an overall framework that shows how anticipated projects will integrate with each other and with existing systems. This page lists all the ITS projects that have been mapped to the regional ITS architecture.

Short term projects are scheduled for the next 5 years. Medium term projects are scheduled for between 5 - 10 years. Long term projects are scheduled for more than 10 years.

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Project Name Project Status Timeframe Project Description
ABQ Ride Connected Vehicle Applications Planned Long Implement transit connected vehicle applications to improve safety and operational efficiency. This includes the following applications: Transit Signal Priority- Connected Vehicle, Transit Pedestrian Indication/ Turning Vehicle, Intermittent Bus Lanes, and Regional Dynamic Ridesharing.
ABQ Ride Fare Collection System Upgrade Planned Long Upgrade to fare collection system to employ new technologies to improve efficiency of operations
ABQ Ride Transit Connection Protection Planned Long Implement a connection protection system on ABQ Ride routes
Bernalillo County Interconnect to City of ABQ Planned Long Develop connection between County TMC and City TMC to get access to city cameras.
Bernalillo County Traffic Signal System Upgrade Planned Long Install additional adaptive systems on Bridge Blvd and Tramway Blvd.
City of ABQ Surveillance System Upgrade Planned Long Upgrade surveillance equipment in the city.
City of ABQ Traffic Signal System Upgrade Planned Long Upgrade signal controller systems in the city.
City of Rio Rancho Flood Monitoring Planned Long Deploy flood monitoring systems on NM528
City of Rio Rancho Signal Preemption Upgrade Planned Long Upgrade of signal preemption for fire/ems. Upgrade to GPS capable
City of Rio Rancho Signal System Wireless Upgrade Planned Long Wireless connection to traffic signals (communication expansion to more traffic signals).
City of Rio Rancho Surveillance Expansion Planned Long Additional Cameras and Bluetooth on Broadmore .
Electric Charging Station Management Planned Long The Electric Charging Station Management application provides an exchange of information between vehicle and charging station to manage the charging operation.
NMDOT CV Curve Speed Warning Planned Long The Connected Vehicle curve speed warning application allows connected vehicles to receive information that it is approaching a curve along with the recommended speed for the curve.
NMDOT CV In Vehicle Signage Planned Long The In-Vehicle Signage application augments regulatory, warning, and informational signs and signals by providing information directly to drivers through in-vehicle devices.
NMDOT CV Intelligent Traffic Signal System Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Intelligent Traffic Signal System (ISIG) application uses both vehicle location and movement information from connected vehicles as well as infrastructure measurement of non-equipped vehicles to improve the operations of traffic signal control systems. The application utilizes the vehicle information to adjust signal timing for an intersection or group of intersections in order to improve traffic flow, including allowing platoon flow through the intersection.
NMDOT CV Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk Warning Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Pedestrian in Signalized Crosswalk Warning application provides to the connected vehicle information from the infrastructure that indicates the possible presence of pedestrians in a crosswalk at a signalized intersection.
NMDOT CV Pedestrian Mobility Planned Long The Pedestrian Mobility application will integrate traffic and pedestrian information from roadside or intersection detectors and new forms of data from wirelessly connected, pedestrian (or bicyclist) carried mobile devices (nomadic devices) to request dynamic pedestrian signals or to inform pedestrians when to cross and how to remain aligned with the crosswalk based on real-time Signal Phase and Timing (SPaT) and MAP information
NMDOT CV Queue Warning Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Queue Warning (Q-WARN) application utilizes connected vehicle technologies, including vehicle-to-infrastructure (V2I) and vehicle-to-vehicle (V2V) communications, to enable vehicles within the queue event to automatically broadcast their queued status information (e.g., rapid deceleration, disabled status, lane location) to nearby upstream vehicles and to infrastructure-based central entities (such as the TMC).
NMDOT CV Railroad Crossing Violation Warning Planned Long The Railroad Crossing Violation Warning (RCVW) application will alert and/or warn drivers who are approaching an at-grade railroad crossing if they are on a crash-imminent trajectory to collide with a crossing or approaching train.
NMDOT CV Reduced Speed Zone Warning Planned Long The Reduced Speed Zone Warning Connected Vehicle application provides connected vehicles which are approaching a reduced speed zone with information on the zone's posted speed limit and/or if the configuration of the roadway is altered (e.g., lane closures, lane shifts).
NMDOT CV Restricted Lane Warning Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Restricted Lane Warnings application provides the connected vehicle with restriction information about the travel lanes, such as if the lane is restricted to high occupancy vehicles (HOV), transit, or public safety vehicles only or has defined eco-lane criteria. A connected vehicle can use this information to determine if the vehicle is in a in a lane that has lane restrictions.
NMDOT CV Road Weather Motorist Alert Planned Long The Road Weather Motorist Alert and Warning application provides the capability of collecting road weather data from connected vehicles and using that data to develop short term warnings or advisories that can be provided to individual motorists.
NMDOT CV Speed Harmonization Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Speed Harmonization application determines speed recommendations based on traffic conditions and weather information. The speed recommendations can be regulatory (e.g. variable speed limits) or advisory. The purpose of speed harmonization is to change traffic speed on links that approach areas of traffic congestion, bottlenecks, incidents, special events, and other conditions that affect flow.
NMDOT CV Spot Weather Impact Warning Planned Long The Spot Weather Impact Warning (SWIW) Connected Vehicle application will alert drivers to unsafe conditions or road closure at specific points on the downstream roadway as a result of weather-related impacts, which include, but are not limited to high winds, flood conditions, ice, or fog.
NMDOT CV Traveler Information Planned Long This project is a combination of several Connected Vehicle Traveler Information related applications including those for weather related traveler information.
NMDOT CV Variable Speed Limits for Weather Responsive Traffic Management Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Variable Speed Limits for Weather-Responsive Traffic Management application uses road weather information from connected vehicles as well as current and historical data from multiple sources to determine the appropriate current safe speed.
NMDOT CV Vehicle Data for Traffic Operations Planned Long The Vehicle Data for Traffic Operations (VDTO) application uses probe data information obtained from vehicles in the network to support traffic operations, including incident detection and the implementation of localized operational strategies.
NMDOT CV Work Zone Warning Planned Long The Connected Vehicle Work Zone Warning application provides information about the conditions that exist in a work zone to vehicles that are approaching the work zone
NMDOT Freeway Lane Management Planned Long Add lane management and control capabilities on interstates
NMDOT Maintenance Systems Upgrade Planned Long Upgrade maintenance back end systems to provide improved resource allocation, high net backend (hook into Visala), and resource inventory controls
NMDOT Maintenance Vehicle Upgrades Planned Long Equipping maintenance vehicles with onboard intelligence to quantify conditions.
RailRunner Positive Train Control Planned Long Incorporate Positive Train Control capability to RoadRunner
Statewide Transit Traveler Information System Planned Long Consolidation of transit passenger information across the state.
Travel Demand Management Planned Long Coordination with NMDOT to provide comparative transit and road travel times on regional DMS to provide travelers with travel alternatives.
ABQ PD Communications Everbridge Planned Short Updagrade reverse communications to the Everbridge system. This project will also include E911 upgrades. The overall goal of this project is to allow reverse communications for specific regions.
ABQ Ride Technology Upgrade Planned Short Transit Technology Upgrade project will upgrade ABQ RIDE servers to a virtual environment, as well as upgrading security equipment.
Albuquerque Regional TMC Planned Short Develop Regional TMC to provide joint operations capability with, City of ABQ, County, Public Safety, and Transit
Bernalillo County Surveillance Expansion Planned Short Installing additional CCTV cameras on county roads.
City of ABQ ITS development- Phase XVI Planned Short Add 69 PTZ Cameras, upgrade 100 + controllers, and replace video detection equipment
City of ABQ ITS development- Phase XVII Planned Short This phase includes additional Fiber, 37 CCTVs, upgrade of 37 controllers, and addition of 3 count stations
City of Rio Rancho NM528 Reconstruction Planned Short Reconstruction includes adding CCTV and Bluetooth travel time monitoring device
City of Rio Rancho Northern Blvd surveillance Planned Short Add Cameras and Bluetooth devices during Northern Blvd reconstruction. .
City of Rio Rancho Public Safety Interconnect Planned Short Add connection from City of Rio Rancho TMC to 911 center and city EOC.
City of Rio Rancho Southern Blvd Reconstruct Planned Short Includes fiber replacement and additional CCTV
City of Rio Rancho Travel Time Calculation Planned Short Expand Bluetooth on NM528 in the City ( to calculate travel time and speed).
CMP Transportation Assessment Program Planned Short This project will increase travel and traffic measurement functionality to support the Consolidated Traffic Monitoring Program.
ITS Incident Management and Signal Operations Enhancements Planned Short The purpose of this project is to develop inter-agency ITS and signal/operational improvements in support of Incident Mgmt on the River Crossings and select CMP Corridors within the AMPA
NMDOT Adaptive Traffic Signal Systems Planned Short Install adaptive traffic signal systems on NM6 in Valencia and NM45 (Coors Blvd)
NMDOT Device Installation FY 16 Planned Short NMDOT Device Installation in FY16 DMS Installations - I-40 WB at Carnuel - I-25 Frontage NB at Candelaria - NM 528 NB at US 550 connectionCCTV - PDN at 2nd St - Lomas at I-40
NMDOT Device Installation FY20 Planned Short DMS Installation - Central WB at I-25 - MLK WB at I-25 DMS Installation - I-25 SB frontage at Menaul - Central EB at I-25 - Roy EB at I-25 - Rio Bravo EB at I-25 - Bridge EB at I-25CCTV Installation - Tramway at PDNRWIS Installation - I-40 in Tijeras Canyon
NMDOT DMS Installation FY15 Planned Short DMS Installations on I-25 and I-40 in FY15 - Montano EB at I-25 - Comanche EB and WB at I-25 - University NB at I-40 - Lomas WB and EB at I-25 frontage - Osuna EB at I-25 - San Mateo WB at I-25
NMDOT DMS Installation FY17 Planned Short NMDOT DMS Installation FY17 - Carlisle NB and SB at I-40 - MLK EB at I-25
NMDOT DMS Installation FY18 Planned Short NMDOT DMS Installation FY18 - Lead WB at I-25 - Ceasar Chavez WB at I-25 - Coal EB at I-25 - Tramway at Tramway Terrace - 337 NB at I-25
NMDOT Expand Probe Data Collection Planned Short Receive additional third party data to provide travel times on arterials
NMDOT Fiber Extension FY16 Planned Short Fiber extension from Rio Puerco to the Bernalillo/Cibola Cty line Supports DMS and CCTV deployments
NMDOT Fiber Extension FY17 Planned Short Fiber extension from NM 6 to Belen.
NMDOT I-25 Fiber Expansion Planned Short Fiber extension from NM 6 to Belen along I-25- including DMSs and cameras
NMDOT Improved AVL on Motorist Assist Planned Short Upgrade AVL system on Motorist Assist vehicles to provide more frequent location updates
NMDOT Pretrip Planner Planned Short Through NMROADS provide pre trip travel planning capability
NMDOT Smart Workzone Systems Planned Short Deploy smart workzone systems including mobile DMS, mobile CCTV, queue detection, dynamic merges.
NMDOT Traffic Data Collection Planned Short Expand counting capabilities through additional devices and use of third party data
NMDOT Trailblazer Deployment Planned Short Deploy additional Trailblazer signs
Rio Metro Buses APC Planned Short Deploy Automated Passenger Counters on Rio Metro buses.
Rio Metro Real TIme Bus Location Planned Short Deliver real-time bus locations to Rio Metro customers.