AMPA Regional ITS Architecture Update

Operational Concepts by Stakeholders

An Operational Concept documents each stakeholder's current and future roles and responsibilities in the operation of the regional ITS systems. This table lists those stakeholders for whom roles and responsibilities have been identified for this regional ITS architecture. Clicking on the stakeholder shall result in a list of the roles and responsibilities identified for that stakeholder.


Bernalillo County Public Safety

Bernalillo County Public Works Division

City of Albuquerque Department of Municipal Development

City of Albuquerque Public Safety

City of Albuquerque Transit Department

City of Rio Rancho Fire Department

City of Rio Rancho Police Department

City of Rio Rancho Public Works

Local Transit Agencies

Mid Region Council of Governments

Municipal Public Safety


New Mexico Department of Information Technology

New Mexico Department of Public Safety - DPS

New Mexico National Guard

NMDOT - New Mexico Department of Transportation

NMDOT District 3

Rio Metro Regional Transit District

Sandoval County

Sandoval County Fire Department

Sandoval County Public Works

Sandoval County Sheriff

Tribal Governments

University of New Mexico